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Innovation Communities

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Self-organising networks have become the dominant innovators of complex technologies and radical innovation. The growing need for co-operation to ensure innovation success calls for a broader understanding of what makes innovation projects successful and requires new concepts. The book introduces the new concept of "innovation communities", defining them as informal networks of like-minded individuals who act as innovation promotors or champions. These key figures come from various companies and organisations and will team up in a project-related fashion, jointly promoting a certain innovation, product or idea either on one or across different levels of an innovation system.

The publication presents findings from surveys that demonstrate that networks of champions are a success factor in radical innovation. Five case studies of noteworthy innovation projects illustrate why the collaboration of champions can make innovation projects more successful. Furthermore, the book presents hands-on methods and includes best-practice cases and guidelines on how to develop innovation communities.

This publication comprises empirical findings and practical experiences that are valuable for the following groups in particular: Entrepreneurs; Innovation, R&D, and network managers; Innovation and strategy consultants; Innovation and start-up intermediaries; Innovation researchers; Government officials and politicians responsible for R&D and innovation programmes and funding

A Review Of Forty Years Of Community Law

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In this important book eighteen of Europe's most respected jurists and legal scholars look at long-term developments in Community and Union law with a view to shedding light on the current situation and pointing out lessons for the future. They consider major Community law themes as they have developed over the past four decades in institutional and substantive contexts, as well as in such newer areas of development as external relations, economic and monetary union, and the Third Pillar.

Starting from the absolute centrality of the Common Market to the European Community enterprise, the authors provide many reminders of how the current situation evolved. Their detailed root analyses of past experiences explore origins, patterns, and implications from the initial concept of market access, through laws relating to individual rights, to such complexities as the 'bottom-up' emergence of constitutional principles. They show that, whether we will in fact soon see a European constitution or not, there is little doubt today that EC law is undergoing what may be best understood as a process of constitutionalization.

Seventeen insightful essays give deeper meaning to many events, principles, and issues which have had far-reaching implications for European integration, including the following:

  • the crucial principles made clear by the ECJ in Van Gend andamp; Loos in 1963;
  • the place of fundamental rights in a supranational legal order;
  • tensions to be resolved through political and legal means;
  • exclusive, shared and supporting competences;
  • the gradual rise of principles such as subsidiarity and proportionality;
  • the precautionary principle;
  • the legitimacy and authority of the ECJ;
  • the extent to which fundamental freedoms have become fundamental rights;
  • the procedural rules of European competition policy enforcement;
  • state aid under EC Treaty Article 87(1);
  • the case for harmonization of private law;
  • social policy and equal treatment;
  • institutional balance;
  • the EU as global actor;
  • the evolution of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights; and
  • the Constitutional Treaty. ; ; ; ; The European Union is a dynamic legal order, and continues to face myriad challenges and dilemmas as it expands its membership and considers a European constitution. This concentrated summary of the most important issues in forty years of legal developments reveals both the lasting triumphs along the way and the gaps that require urgent attention if the legitimacy of the Union is not to be impaired. Participants in European law and government, from citizens and students to the highest levels of policy making, will find here an invaluable resource for the future and much food for thought. These articles were first presented at a conference held at the end of 2003 to mark the 40th anniversary of the Common Market Law Review, and were originally published in a special issue of the Review.

Community Resources For Older Adults

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This text is intended for courses on community services and programmes for the elderly, typically found in gerontology departments and departments of social work. Rather than simply focusing on building awareness of the various programmes and services available, the authors stress the importance of the theoretical knowledge that will assist in understanding the social and psychological dynamics of help-seeking behaviour. By understanding the social and psychological needs of the elderly and their families, as well as the services available to them, students will be better able to take advantage of resources available to help their clients. This new edition will update the key policy updates affecting older adults as well as the census data offered throughout the text. It will also update the many unique pedagogical features such as the sections titled FYI, best practices, case studies and the web and national resources. Increased attention will be focused on aging and diverse populations and the idea of cultural competency than previous editions, as this area has continued to become a critical part of delivering effective care. Also, international issues, faith-based services, services for LGBT elders, rural elders, immigrants, and other special populations will also be covered or expanded in the new edition.

Better Than Best

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Achieving the best that life has to offer is by no means a completion of living. Each time that you have thought that you have reached your highest potential, you have gone well beyond that. Every time you've said "I have done my best," usually you perform further than you thought. In "Better than Best: The Basics of A Life Made Easy," LaHaunn E. Moore displays our inner half's search for endless choices; acceptance of change, and the use of our personal strengths. But even throughout these many processes, he exposes answers to Purpose in our lives.

The Yuanpei Program In Peking University

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The Yuanpei program is an institution wide curriculum innovation, modeling on the core curriculum in Harvard which is committed to carrying out general education. This research investigated the major conflicts that arose in the process of initiation and implementation of the Yuanpei program, how these conflicts evolved during the process, and what were the sources of these conflicts. The conflict model, primarily derived from conflict theory, was adopted to interpret and analyze the process of curriculum innovation in this context. The study employed a qualitative case study approach. Data were collected primarily through interviews, observations and document analysis. The administrators, teachers and students were interviewed to gain insight into major conflicts arose, their processes and sources in process of the curriculum innovation. The researcher primarily observed program practices and operations, including program setting, the human, social environment (how participants interact and communicate), and program activities and participant behaviors. The researcher distinguished between conceptual conflicts and practical conflict in light of the different stages in which conflicts emerged. The researcher mainly identified three conceptual conflicts that represent the focus of debates: first, the two opposing opinions on how to balance between general education and specialized education; second, potential incongruence in the idea of the Yuanpei program; third, conflict between the changing need of society and traditional system of training. The researcher summarized four categories of practical conflicts in light of various issues: free-course selection, free-major selection, faculty advisor as well as general education elective courses, in each of which sub-themes were identified and analyzed. The researcher described how both conceptual and practical conflicts evolved. Each major conceptual conflict seems to go through similar stages based on the data, involving issue, confrontation and integration of claims of both sides. For practical conflicts, factors contributing to the escalation and de-escalation, moderation of conflicts were found by the researcher. The research identified different roles, incompatible values, contested resources and structural constraints as the main sources of conflict. Any conflict may involve more than one category or may be mainly due to one category. As such, the study is exploratory and contributes to the scholarship on educational change through its analysis of the curriculum innovation for general education in Peking University.


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