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Radical Education And The Common School

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What is education, what is it for and what are its fundamental values? How do we understand knowledge and learning? What is our image of the child and the school? How does the ever more pressing need to develop a more just, creative and sustainable democratic society affect our responses to these questions?

Addressing these fundamental issues, Fielding and Moss contest the current mainstream dominated by markets and competition, instrumentality and standardisation, managerialism and technical practice. They argue instead for a radical education with democracy as a fundamental value, care as a central ethic, a person-centred education that is education in the broadest sense, and an image of a child rich in potential. Radical education, they say, should be practiced in the 'common school', a school for all children in its local catchment area, age-integrated, human scale, focused on depth of learning and based on team working. A school understood as a public space for all citizens, a collective workshop of many purposes and possibilities, and a person-centred learning community, working closely with other schools and with local authorities. The book concludes by examining how we might bring such transformation about.

Written by two of the leading experts in the fields of early childhood and secondary education, the book covers a wide vista of education for children and young people. Vivid examples from different stages of education are used to explore the full meaning of radical democratic education and the common school and how they can work in practice. It connects rich thinking and experiences from the past and present to offer direction and hope for the future. It will be of interest and inspiration to all who care about education - teachers and students, academics and policy makers, parents and politicians.

A Professional Development School Partnership

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The professional development school (PDS) is a unique educational reform initiative that attempts the simultaneous reform of education at the school and the university. By conducting reform at both levels of education, the PDS is a solution to the piecemeal reforms of the past, from Dewey's Progressivism to the Sputnik reforms to New Math to Whole Language, which have targeted educational change in the public schools but most have overlooked the preparation of new teachers. The PDS addresses the professional development of experienced teachers in the field, the preparation of new teachers, and improvement of the programs of K-12 schools at the same time and at the same place-the school site. In this way, reform goals are agreed upon and implemented by both new and experienced teachers so that reform efforts are seamlessly supported by all parties involved. Nevertheless, most educators engaged in PDS reform agree that PDSs are a high stakes reform effort and are fraught with difficulties. This case study provides an annotated road map of one PDS partnership so that others interested in partnership work are provided general principles to guide their work.

Learning To Teach Geography In The Secondary School

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Learning to Teach Geography in the Secondary School has become the widely recommended textbook for student and new teachers of geography. It helps you acquire a deeper understanding of the role, purpose and potential of geography within the secondary curriculum, and provides the practical skills needed to design, teach and evaluate stimulating and challenging lessons.

It is grounded in the notion of social justice and the idea that all students are entitled to a high quality geography education. The very practical dimension provides you with support structures through which you can begin to develop your own philosophy of teaching, and debate key questions about the nature and purpose of the subject in school.

Fully revised and updated in light of extensive changes to the curriculum, as well as to initial teacher education, the new edition considers the current debates around what we mean by geographical knowledge, and what's involved in studying at Masters level. Key chapters explore the fundamentals of teaching and learning geography:

  • Why we teach and what to teach

  • Understanding and planning the curriculum

  • Effective pedagogy

  • Assessment

  • Developing and using resources

  • Fieldwork and outdoor learning

  • Values in school geography

  • Professional development

Intended as a core textbook and written with university and school-based initial teacher education in mind,Learning to Teach Geography in the Secondary school is essential reading for all those who aspire to become effective, reflective teachers.

Praise for previous editions of Learning to Teach Geography in the Secondary School...

'This is a practical and visionary book, as well as being superbly optimistic. It has as much to offer the experienced teacher as the novice and could be used to reinvigorate geography departments everywhere. Practical activities and ideas are set within a carefully worked out, authoritative, conceptual framework.' - The Times Educational Supplement

'This is a modern, powerful, relevant and comprehensive work...a standard reference for many beginning teachers on geography initial teacher training courses.'- Educational Review


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