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Going To University Abroad

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More and more students in the world now decide to undertake their university studies in another country to their own. They see advantages of quality, value and experience in studying abroad and rightly see the experience as a preparation for life and a big plus for their CVs in an increasingly inter-connected world and job market. The world language is now undisputedly English and even universities in non-English speaking countries such as Holland and Denmark, universities that are wanting to attract international students, are switching to teaching university programmes in English. This makes for an unparalleled opportunity for UK students these days, just at a time when UK university fees are increasing significantly. This guide gives an overview of the opportunities available to UK students across the world, from the English speaking counties of the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, to Asia (India, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore), to offers nearer home, in Europe. As well as information on what is available - the education systems and academic cultures and demands of the different destination countries are explained, application procedures and information on living (accommodation, food, entertainment) are provided and there are self-development exercises that will help with the process of cultural readjustment that you as a UK student are likely to undergo and need to understand.

The book covers information for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and recommends ideal destination countries for these. Tips and advice on how to avoid certain pitfalls while being an international student living abroad are provided.

A Practical Guide To University And College Management

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Written for Higher Education managers and administrators, A Practical Guide to University and College Management is a highly accessible text that offers practical guidance on how to manage the day-to-day life of universities. The authors take a proactive approach and offer a range of good practice examples and solutions, designed to resolve the dilemmas that arise in today's rapidly changing higher education environment.

Drawing on a wealth of management experience, this edited collection pulls together advice and practical guidance from expert managers working in the field of Higher Education. Each chapter is underpinned by theoretical perspectives to support invaluable pragmatic hints, mini-case studies, practical examples, and sample guidelines. The book covers four main areas:

  • Selecting and inducting students: This section outlines the essential process for targeting, attracting, recruiting and inducting students

  • Managing throughout the university year: Advice on the student experience, from the admissions process right up to graduation

  • Assuring the quality of the student learning experience: How to manage course administration, student learning through assessment, student complaints and issues of quality assurance

  • Maximising staff and student engagement: This section looks at how to maximise commitment and involvement by both staff and students, and includes approaches and examples of engagement implementation at other universities

A Practical Guide to College and University Management will be of interest to Higher Education managers, administrators, and anyone looking for a pragmatic how to navigational guide that informs the working life of a university, from attracting students through to graduation. It offers managers and administrators essential training and support required to promote highly successful and efficient Higher Education Institutions, and is essential reading for anyone who works in university administration or aspires to do so.

Sally Brown is Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Assessment, Learning and Teaching at Leeds Metropolitan University. She has published widely on innovations in teaching, learning and particularly assessment.

Steve Denton is Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Registrar and Secretary at Leeds Metropolitan University bringing together University-wide student administrative and support services, including governance and legal matters, the academic registry, planning, student services, communication and marketing and widening access and participation.

Emerging Patterns Of Social Demand And University Reform

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In times of rapid international political and economic change the great universities of Europe and North America are being transformed. Public expectations about access to higher education, government concerns about the role that universities can play in innovation and economic development, and the application of the principals of market economics to the university systems of all countries have created a new context for higher education. Universities whose governance and organization have been among the most stable and predictable in modern society are experiencing unprecedented pressure for change. Social demands in Europe are leading for the first time in history to a corporate form of university, similar in structure to American institutions.
American universities are confronted with new levels of national and international competition as well as new government policies.

The papers of this volume are the outcome of the remarkable process of discussions which took place during the 1995 international symposium on the future role of the university held in Vienna, Austria. The papers have been thoughtfully revised to reflect the insights and contributions of the participants at the symposium and the editors have provided a synthesizing introduction and conclusion. The respective chapters are rich in scholarly insight regarding the complex intersection between public policy and university organization.


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Boarding School Private Boarding University University Students
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